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Styles Change. Traditions Endure


For over 60 years, Phillips Men's Wear has endured as a Barrington tradition. But tradition doesn't mean stuck in the past. And change doesn't necessarily mean better than before.

Phillips has thrived in the heart of the Village of Barrington by sifting through changes, by separating fact from fad, to offer our clients looks that are influenced by trends, but tempered by our understanding of their lifestyles and needs.

If your personal styling preferences are specific, the Phillips Custom Program includes custom suits, custom sport coats, custom trousers, and custom shirts. Select fabrics that subtly distinguish you from your peers, a fit that complements your unique build, and features that express your own personal style. We make simple the most detailed decisions.

In addition to our Custom Program, our in-store offerings represent the best of the best, selected by our buyers for our distinct clientele. Visit us and experience first-hand the crisp colorations of a Scott Barber sport shirt, the luxurious feel of a lightweight sweater from Peter Millar, the newly updated fit of a Hart Schaffner Marx suit, the understated boldness of a tie from Dion, and the comfortably slimming silhouette of a Mac Jean.

Phillips Men's Wear, a well-bred Barrington tradition since 1948, still in the heart of the Village.